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Miho Takahashi
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Education
Degree: Ph.D. (The University of Tokyo)

Brief Background

Dr. Takahashi received a B.A. in Sociology from Nara Women’s University in 1991. After being employed in the corporate world, she completed a Master’s degree in sociology from Keio University’s Graduate School of Sociology. Dr. Takahashi is employed as a clinical psychologist by hospitals, corporations, and universities. After completing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Education in 2008, she was hired as a full‐time lecturer in 2009, in clinical psychology in the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Education, then as an associate professor in 2011. Dr. Takahashi is a certified clinical psychologist. In addition to providing psychological support for employed and unemployed workers, she is engaged in research, clinical practice, and education focusing primarily on career education.

Abridged list of research papers

  • Images of unemployed people: Developing a scale to measure the stigma associated with the unemployed. The Japanese Journal of psychology, 83, 100–107, 2012.
  • A review of studies regarding psychological support for unemployed people. The Journal of Japanese Clinical Psychology, 10(3), 399–408, 2010.
  • Difficulties of unemployed middle-aged men in their company and societal connections. The Japanese Journal of Developmental Psychology, 19(2), 132–143, 2008.
  • Effects from downsizing on the mental health of the employed and unemployed. The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, 516, 78–86, 2003.

Books Published

  • Psychological Support for Middle and Older Aged Adults Experiencing Unemployment—Connecting the Unemployed with Society, (sole author,) Minerva Shobo, 2010.
  • An Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Skills, and Applications, (co-translator,) Kongo Shuppan, 2012.
  • Yoku Wakaru Rinsho Shinrigaku (Fully Understanding Clinical Psychology), Revised Edition, multiple authors, Minerva Shobo, 2009.

Research Areas

  • Research on support for unemployed workers
  • Research into “life-crafting” education
  • Support of mental health in the corporate world
  • Psychological support for middle-aged and older individuals

Other fields of interest include mindfulness, Naikan (“internal viewing”) Therapy, Morita Therapy, and other models developed to suit a Japanese cultural context.

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